Seek and Save

The son of man came to seek and save the lost. Luke 19:16

I do this thing when I don’t want to do homework, where I end up going through a lot of the pictures on my computer. (Yes, welcome to the exciting life of a college student…) But I ran across a picture the other day that makes me smile every time I see it. This is a little friend I made on my Mission Trip in Milwaukee, he was the sweetest and most loving kid I have ever met and a beautiful smile was always glued on his face. Before this mission trip, I had no evidence for myself that God was true, and that everything I had been told over the years was real, but when I went to this safe haven in one of the most violent parts of downtown Milwaukee you couldn’t help but feel this whirlwind of emotions. Adullam, the name of the building we are at, is where I found Jesus, and where I felt my faith being laid down in concrete.

I think an issue for a lot of kids/teenagers raised in the church is that most have no experience the grace of God and the presence of Jesus, and that’s where the line above from Luke fits in perfectly. Just like my little friend from Wisconsin, I too was lost, and the son of man sought me out, and saved me. The son of man is seeking all who are lost, and if you are lost, remember he is coming to save you, and to show you the way.

The Eye of the Storm
“The storm is your shelter from danger and sin,
And God Himself takes you for safety within;
The tempest with Him passes into deep calm,
And the roar of the winds is the sound of a psalm.
Be glad and serene when the tempest could form;
God smiles on His child in the eye of the storm.”

Casey Bergeron

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