There was a story about a great sculptor who found this special sacred stone in the river and he lugged it back to his studio. He worked on it tirelessly for weeks, many hours of the days. He finally finished it and it was ready to be unveiled. At the show, people were in total wonderment and awe on how beautiful the sculpture was. They all gathered around him in amazement and said how did you create such an amazing wonderful sculpture. He said to them that I didn’t create anything. The sculpture was always there. I just removed all the pieces and fragments to show the sculpture in its truest form. I think God is like the sculptor. He knows how beautiful you are. But we live in this world full of temptation and greed. We sometimes get into traps like drugs, alcohol, greed for money, bullying our classmates, and etc. However, God loves us so much that he works on us. Chipping away those pieces and fragments to show us in the truest form of love.

Claire and I love to host dinner parties and we had one for Chinese New Year/Super Bowl. Had 20 or more guests but the food came late. Called the restaurant and they seemed to have forgotten some dishes. We were frustrated and not having a good time. So worried about all the arrangements like food, decorations, plates, and etc. Thinking all the guests would be disappointed. Spent so much money and wondering to ourselves is this really worth it. Maybe we should give up dinner parties all together. But we were missing the point. All that mattered was the sharing of food and friends to find out how everybody lives and what they are going through. It says to love your neighbor as yourself. That’s what you do at dinner parties in order to get closer to one another. Like the sculptor, chip away the anxiousness of food and arrangements. Get rid of that stuff. The beauty of the sculpture lies in the sharing of life and love with one another.

They say heaven is a beautiful place. It is the place where dreams come true. It is a place to go when we die. There are gold streets and white clouds. It is a place we haven’t seen people in a while. That is all well and good. But I think it is a place where souls get closer to each other. It is one big dinner party to find out how souls live, how souls love, and how wonderful God is. It is a place to see how God the sculptor keeps chipping away those pieces and fragments to show how wonderful and amazing we can be together.

The value of one’s life is determined by how much love one gives, not by how much love one has received – Epictetus

In Christ,


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