School is in Session

Didn’t summer vacation just start? Where did the past 2 ½ months go?
Didn’t my kids just start school? Where did the past 12 years go?

I am feeling a bit melancholy; or rather pensive is more accurate. Our three youngest kids just started their senior year of high school. (I am most certainly happy to have them back on a schedule, going to bed earlier, not laying around the house like slugs or going out to spend money they don’t have as two out of the three never landed a summer job!)

A new year, well school year that is….New classes, new schedules, new teachers. Parents are offering up loads of encouragement: this is a fresh start, go in with a good attitude, try your hardest and do your best work, ask for help when you need it, show respect to your teachers and the other students, on and on. There is anxiety…this class is going to be so hard, I KNOW this teacher doesn’t like me, what if I can’t handle it, I don’t have enough time to get to my classes the hallways are so crowded, on and on.

Anxious hearts are heavy but a word of encouragement does wonders! Proverbs 12:25

Ok, so sometimes it’s hard to offer your kids encouragement when you need some yourself! Right? But have you ever noticed that after giving someone else a pep talk, you often feel better yourself? Try it out today…offer up some encouraging words to your spouse, your kids, your neighbor, your co-worker. You will most likely get something in return!

Whether you have kids heading off to kindergarten, middle school, or college; whether your college graduate is back home as a result of the depressed job market; whether your spouse or friend is struggling with their career or seemingly doing great; whether your aging parents are facing health issues…..whatever the case may be, everyone can benefit from some encouragement.

Dear Gracious God,
As this new school year starts, thank you for teachers and bus drivers and lunch ladies! Thank you for all those people who offer up encouraging words and open the doors of learning to our young people. Help us remember that we all need encouragement, and by giving it out, we get it back in return.

Andrea Heshmati

Don't let your worries get the best of you; remember, Moses started out as a basket case. ~Christian One Liners

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