Say Anything

“Hi God,

I am just a mess.

It is all hopeless.

What else is new?

I would be sick of me, if I were you, but miraculously You are not.

I know I have no control over other people’s lives, and I hate this. Yet I believe that if I accept this and surrender, You will meet me wherever I am.

Wow, can this be true? If so, how is this afternoon—say, two—ish?

Thank You in advance for Your company and blessings.

You have never once let me down.


~Anne Lamott “Help, Thanks, Wow”

I love Anne Lamott’s prayer, her sense of humor and her brutal honesty about all the hard realities of life. She also knows our God is abundantly full of mercy and grace, that there is no right or wrong way to pray. I love the fact she reminds us, we can say anything to God in prayer. Following, are some thoughts that stayed with me after reading her book.

It’s good to know someone really hears us when we speak. It’s kind of an inner silence in the soul, one heart speaking to another heart. We can say anything to God, and it is all prayer. Prayer can be in motion, or it can move in stillness. If we believe God loves us and has chosen us, regardless of our past history, we don’t have to have it all together before we show up and start talking to God. Life is not all about me. I’m a work still in progress. I’m on a journey with God that never ends. God is always faithful and is always with me. He is the great I Am mystery, and frankly that takes a great burden off of me. I can start releasing my grip a little. God loves my honesty, (yes he can handle it) and wants to help me with the truth about myself.

God wants to sit with me, with the chaos and joys of life. God wants to move with me when I find him, in the humanness of those around me. It’s all a form of prayer, it’s constantly moving. When I share in the stories of others and allow them into my often, quirky story as well, He can teach me to be humble and to trust.

Abba God,

You are always with us, in Love and Grace, beyond anything we can imagine. Through Jesus, you call us to come closer to your heart. And, through your Spirit, you are willing to show us how. Thank you for caring for us so deeply and for your faithful help and guidance. Amen

Lois Autterson

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