In the US, there is the Biltmore estate in North Carolina that has an astonishing 250 rooms. How can a family live there? You probably won’t set foot in many of the rooms. How do you clean the place? That is a headache in itself. In Las Vegas, the MGM Grand hotel has close to 7000 rooms. Talk about cleaning a place. God says that He prepared many rooms in the kingdom of Heaven but I think there is another place that God prepared quite a number of rooms. It is in your heart.

You are driving by and you wait at the light. In the corner of your eye, you see a person asking for money or anything on the side of the road. They are not well kept, maybe handicapped, and in poor condition. They are just asking for maybe some money, clothing, water, or anything. They swallowed their pride and they just want to survive. Do we drive on past them because they might use the money for drugs or something worse? Are they conning us, pretending to be homeless? Do we just not have time to stop and give them something? Do we just pray for them and hopefully somebody else will help them out? I believe this is a room in your heart but yet is the door fully closed, halfway closed, or is it fully open?

You attend a meeting, seminar, or party where there are lots of people. All sorts of people with different ethnicity, backgrounds, etc. are there. We try to be sociable and talk to people we don’t know. But who do we talk to? We see some African American and Mexican people but we tend to shy away from them because maybe we feel uncomfortable with people of different skin color. Maybe a friend of ours wants to introduce us to some gay associates. Do we become distant and prejudice to them because of their sexuality? Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Could be true because most people in general are friendly and cheerful. I believe these are rooms in your heart but yet is the door fully closed, halfway closed, or is it fully open?

God wants so much for us, but we seem to create man made prisons for ourselves. I think what He wants to do is take a hammer and crowbar and start removing those hinges and doors. Kick those doors down and throw that door in the trash. God wants all the rooms in your heart to be open and that nothing will obstruct the openness of the rooms. Why this is so important to God? Because when the room is open, this is when God’s love comes pouring in like a flood. It is a beautiful thing and I think that is what it is like in heaven. With God’s love, things that you think you can’t do are possible.

If you want the world to know, we won’t let hatred grow, put a little love in your heart.

In Christ,

Stan Yee

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