Resting in Him

I've been blessed in recent months to have a renewal of vision, energy, and sense of purpose. It's like there's this new fire in my heart. God has been so good- and I have been provided with opportunities to serve much more than any other time in my life. This is not because I am special or extraordinary, it's because I'm choosing to submit to God. And every day it's a battle to do so. Each morning, among other things, I pray that God will give me the energy and vision to do His will, to serve His children, and to love without ceasing. I am amazed, and so grateful at how He has changed me through this. I have had chance encounters with new people yearning for some love and new life. With the same token I have had opportunities to serve people I know well in new ways. It is so, so beautiful and I am so grateful! I'm not perfect, far from it, and there are many moments each day where I fall short. But the more I choose to submit to God, and be whatever vessel He wants, the better life is, and the more purposeful it is.

Everything comes at a price though. Today, for example, I am exhausted. I emptied myself out yesterday. And here I am now trying to get about 10 things done at once and it's not working out so well. It is days like today that remind me of how human I am- how I am just flesh. I am nothing without God, and a mess without letting Him take care of me. I fall in one second flat when relying on my own human self. God has changed me yes, but if I don't let Him nurture what He has changed it will become a short lived flame. This morning I read in Luke 5, verse 16: "But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed." And I'm reminded about how often Jesus withdrew from the crowds, withdrew from His work, went away by Himself, spent time in prayer, spoke with His Father, and recharged His batteries. After He did this He was able to go back and do the work God wanted Him to do.

One of my professors says several times every class session "Remember that my favorite words are respect and balance!" I usually chuckle when she says it. But today I'm just thinking about how true her statement is. God is calling me into the world. Bringing people into my life that He wants me to pour into. Showing me new ways to love those around me. And doing these things is the part of the purpose He has given me. It's so incredible! But I can't do it if I'm exhausted. I just can't. I have to choose balance. 24 years old is too young to burn out. I just want to get better and better at submitting to God and doing His will. (I have a long way to go with that trust me!) I need to spend a substantial amount of time each day praying and resting, so that I can then go out into the world and do God's will. The Lord is my provider, but I have to choose to let Him provide by balancing my time and efforts in accordance with His desires. Because there's a fire in my heart, but it can only remain there and grow stronger if I care for it properly.

Know that God is calling you to purpose. This message can't be relayed to you often enough. Remember that you are uniquely created by your Heavenly Father for a reason. He has things He wants you to do in this world. But you have to put in work and be disciplined in order to let Him do things through you. You have to submit to Him, spend time in prayer, rest, rely on Him, and then go out to do what He has called you to do. It's an incredible thing when this happens. Blessings to you this day. May you know God's purpose for you. May you be able to fufill this purpose through rest, prayer, and action!

Amanda Jensen

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1. Julie wrote:
Thanks Amanda for your personal story of how God is moving you! I also need to remember to rest! Thank-you for the loving reminder! God Bless, Julie

Fri, April 1, 2011 @ 2:45 PM

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