Respect and Love

Almost every day I try to strive to be like Jesus. I don’t try to bring the dead back to life and I don’t turn water to wine, but I do try my hardest to love people and tolerate everyone. Today there is a lot of hate on what seems like every side of an argument, but not a lot of respect and understanding. Even if you don’t like someone or their idea you should try to tolerate it, you don’t have to accept it and like it but when people share mutual respect then a logical solution or neutral stance can be reached. Unfortunately, today there is no respect or middle ground.  At the riots in Berkeley we see that people would rather reject an idea completely and combat it with violence than sit down and have an intelligent conversation about it.

Jesus would also tolerate and show people respect and love. No matter what they thought or did he would still show them kindness and unforcefully provide his views and ideas. This is what I try to do and think about more so I can reach more solutions, more middle grounds, and not have so much division in the world.

This week I encourage everyone to just listen to what people have to say, if you don’t agree with it then be respectful and think about how you can still show them love or provide your idea without trying to destroy theirs. LOVE EVERYONE AND GOD BE WITH YOU.

Romans 12:10 “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.”

Brooks Jacobs

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