When it comes to Valentine’s Day, isn’t the color red all over the place.  There are red pillows, red paper hearts, red candy, and so on.  I see kids make red paper hearts with white paper outlines and give them to their parents.  The parents are so elated and happy to receive them.  Now if you see a guy give that to his girlfriend, I think that is really cheesy.  I didn’t forget red roses.  There is nothing better than giving your wife a dozen red roses on Happy Valentine’s Day.  It is a sign of love and admiration for your wife.  It doesn’t have to be premier roses from Tiffany’s.  It is the thought that counts and the thought is love.

Red is the color of the blood that runs in our veins. It is the lifeline of our bodies. We need blood to live but I think we also need love to live.  Love is a many splendor thing.  Love lifts us up.  There are so many silly love songs written about love.  People do the craziest things for love and that is not just love for another person.  I know work can be a drag, but there is still a good part of oneself that works because of the love of work.  I code software for hours and hours but part of me still loves it.  An actor produces a wonderful movie because he or she loves to act.  An artist does what he or she does because he or she is in love with the end product no matter how people criticize it.  Love makes the world go around.  Life without love is tragic.  There is no hope and no energy to live.  Love is what puts a step in a person’s step.  It makes a person come alive.  Always hold on to love. Don’t let it go.  It’s wonderful.

Red is the color of the blood that Jesus shed.  He suffered so much in order for us to live and for us to love.  I know many people feel lonely on Valentine’s Day, especially high school kids.  That kid who sits by himself feels sad because there is no one for him to love.  Jesus is the person he can love and Jesus loves him back.  If you accept Jesus as your savior, His blood runs through your veins.  Love runs through your veins.  There is no need to feel lonely or sad.  You will feel love, hope, peace, and goodness.  Love will be in the air.  You will have great spirit in your heart.  All you need is love.  Da Di Da Di Da Di Da.  All you need is love. Love.  Love is all you need.  Now go out there and find somebody to love today.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
God’s peace,
Stan Yee

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