Re-Paint the Wall

Many people in life feel that living life is starting out with a blank wall. As you live  your life, the wall will be covered with strokes here, blotches here, and dots here on the wall. After a while, the wall shows a picture. These strokes, blotches, and dots represent the memories and happenings in one’s life. Some people have a wall that resembles a most lovely picture. Some people have a wall that might be quite barren. Some people have a wall that resembles a very rough looking picture. There are no 2 walls that look the same.

What many people don’t realize is that we do not start off with a blank wall. The wall contains one color and that is the color of sin. Some people don’t see their wall has the color of sin. Some people do but they live life by doing many great things as helping people out, giving to charities, and doing good things at work. These are all in all good things to do but God still sees the color of sin on that wall.

When one becomes a member in the family of God, the strokes, blotches, and dots are still there but God lifts them up from the wall and paints the color of sin wall to the color of Christ. Then God places those strokes, blotches, and dots back. God sees the color of Christ not the color of sin. Now don’t get me wrong. There will still be strokes, blotches, and dots with the color of sin on the wall even after one becomes a member in the family of God. But what you do with your life after that is really important.

If you have harmed somebody in the past, and you try to make amends for that, God sees that blotch with the color of sin a little faded. God loves that. If you have abandoned a family member or friend and you go back and let that person know that you accepted them as who they are, God sees that stroke with the color of sin faded and color of Christ comes out more. If you have cheated, lied, or stolen and you somehow rectify the situation by giving back much more, God sees that dot with the color of sin faded and sees the beauty come out more.

Re-paint the wall. We can re-paint the wall every day. With the color of Christ as the background of our beautiful wall, the things that we do can make our life, our picture unbelievably gorgeous. It just takes heart to do God’s will. I was reminded of a story about an artist who found a special stone. He brought it back to his studio and worked on it for months. After he finished, he displayed in front of many people. And the people were in awe. It was beautiful and something to see. One person asks him how did you create such a wonderful statue. The artist said I didn’t create anything. It was always there. I just removed the bits and pieces to show the statue in its full glory. God does that with us. He removes the small bits and pieces to show how beautiful we can be.

The color of Christ shines in all of us. The brightness depends on us.

“No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light." Luke 8:16

In Christ,
Stan Yee

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