Radio Musings

This might come as a surprise to some of the people who know me, but one of my favorite pastimes is listening to the radio. Always has been from the time I got my very first transistor radio around 1960, I’d guess. It really impressed me to find out that a little 9 volt General Electric radio could pick up a radio station called KOMA in Oklahoma City. Late at night, never during daylight hours, I could lay in bed and be entertained by DJ’s spinning 45’s 500 miles away! What an amazing, exotic adventure!

In the new Aurora neighborhood where I grew up there were not many trees that offered enough shade to cool off on hot summer days. So we hung out at the Doyle’s, our next-door neighbors,  who had an unfinished basement that stayed pretty cool and had a really neat 1930’s vintage radio. It must have had 17 different bands on an enormous, round, glass dial that could tune in stations that weren’t even in English! We heard Russian or Polish or Czech. This was during the Cold War between the US and Soviet Union. (Too bad we couldn’t understand a word they were saying!)

Times have changed, but my radio love continues. Every morning nowadays I’m up at 4am and turn on my favorite radio station while getting ready for work. That’s when “Jazz with Bob Parlocha” is on KUVO 89.3 FM. This morning he played a classic Sarah Vaughan tune called “September Song”  that got me thinking about the seasons – both the annual kind and the seasons of our lives…And also about September, when the special people in my life have birthdays – Brad’s on Sept 4th and Becky’s on Sept 26th.

I especially love the fall, but this time of year, the season of Lent, spring becomes my favorite and I am happy that winter is losing its icy grip. Spring fever is coming on. Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter! The Son of God is risen, He has conquered death! Our Savior lives!

Heavenly Father, forgive me for complaining about all the pain and suffering in our world. Forgive me for seeing my work as little more than constant problems, headaches, and drudgery with little reward. Open my eyes to your amazing, unearned grace. Help me find joy in the rhythms of my daily life, in sunrises, and in stars in the heavens at 2am (when I’m awakened by a sore shoulder and kept awake by our beloved snoring pug.) Forgive my disbelief; help me trust in you, Lord. Thanks for Jesus, in whose name I pray. Amen

Steve Koerwitz

(Editor’s note: Sarah Vaughan also has a hit entitled “It Might As Well Be Spring” ! Fancy that …)

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