Quiet Time

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On February 5th, theSuper Bowl will air. Advertising for the Super Bowl will sell for $3 ,500,000.00 per 30 second increment. That is what the marketing industry has determined TV time is worth for the big game.

What is your time worth? How do you want to spend your day(s)? What do you want to look back upon and see as the landscape of your lifetime? When you look back now,what do you see , and do you like what you see?

I had a couple of good friends who went off to a spa somewhere in New Mexico, over the holidays. They told me the spa had “Noise Police” who would come by to check on you periodically and if you were making too much noise they would hold up a sign that read “quiet please.” The coming years will be filled with the marketing of “QUIET.”A culture so saturated with ways to take up our time and fill our time with techno gadgets is ripe for the ways of quiet. For every action there is a reaction.

How do you want to spend your time?

Ecclesiastes will be our main textbook for the month of January 2012. Ecclesiastes tells us much of life is “vanity, vanity of vanities..” (Ecclesiastes 1.2 and 12.8). The author toils all day long and wonders why? What is life all about? I love this book for how it "tells it like it is" and asks the tough questions about “why” is life the way it is? Yet in the end, the author relays God's truth to us. The promise and ways of God are mysterious and beyond human comprehension. Keep the faith! Both 5:7 and 7:18 of this book remind us to “fear God.” Go ahead bring on the tough questions-ask about the meaning of life and the reason for it all, but stay in relationship with God. Hold fast to a reverence for God even in the midst of things we do not understand.

The book of Ecclesiastes holds a deep purpose in the biblical tapestry. It warns us to beware of human pride and it preserves divine mystery.

If the New Year ads asking you to give more time to weight loss, exercise, travel, financial investing , and political saviors has left you wondering “what’s it all about,” give the hidden book of Ecclesiastes a try. I hope to see you in worship this January.

Still in One Peace,

David J. Jensen

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