When I was in school, I really liked studying homonyms. They call it something else now, but for me the words that sounded the same, but were spelled differently, and had different meanings were fun. You know the ones I am talking about:

Pear and pair

There and their

Hear and here…… you get it

Well today I had the pleasure of driving to Des Moines, Iowa and it popped into my mind, something along the same track but not exactly.

The word PRESENT as in gift.

Our PRESENT as in attendance.

PRESENT as in current.

The same word but different meanings. While I was driving I thought about all times I was in conversation (present) but not there. In attendance (but not present). I can’t get those times back. We have so few chances to be present, to be in attendance, to offer a gift of ourselves. I decided that I was going to try harder, starting today.

Looking at what members of our church family have gone through this week. Today is a present, we are guaranteed nothing. A gift indeed.

Be present, be a gift to someone today. There are no guarantees

God’s Peace,


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