The Lord sent Samuel to Bethlehem to anoint a future king. All of Jesse’s sons were paraded past Samuel but God did not approve any of them. Samuel’s disappointment was great. The Lord sent him to choose a future king and Samuel was failing. Then Jesse revealed he had one more son - his youngest son out tending the sheep.

When the shepherd David arrived from the field, Samuel, in the presence of his brothers, anointed David with oil. This was not a public event, but rather, the Holy Spirit being bound to David to prepare him for his life purpose. From a pasture tending the sheep, King Saul called David into his service to play his harp to keep the frantic King’s spirit calmed down (1 Samuel 16). This was feedback psychotherapy in its earliest form.

Fast forward 28 generations and we find Joseph. An angel tells Joseph that his girlfriend will give birth to a savior. “She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.” (Matthew 1:21)

David obeyed. He became the King’s servant. Joseph obeyed. He did not understand what all this meant or what would happen next.

Our life purpose may not be revealed to us all at one time like we want. We thrive on knowing. We don’t like surprises when it comes to our reason for being! God’s timing is perfect. I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but does it really matter? If I am obedient to God’s will for my life today, tomorrow will come regardless.
God anointed me for something. When Mom and Dad brought me to church as an infant and dedicated my life to Christ I was brought into God’s perfect plan. No matter how many years I prepare for a calling, I pray daily that God will reveal to me the desire of His heart. I cannot fear tomorrow. If Joseph or David would have feared for the next day, God could not have used them for His purpose.

Open my heart and mind to your ways, oh God.  Always keep me in preparation mode. Use me for your service. Help me to sing or calm others as David did with his harp. Use me.  I may not be a David or a Joseph, but I am yours. Prepare my heart and mind daily for you. I am your servant. Call me when you have a chance. Thanks and Amen.

Carole Schumacher

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