Poppy Love

If you look closely at the picture to the right, you can see a light salmon-colored poppy amidst the purple blooms of sage. That darn poppy created such a moment of disappoint to me the first time it bloomed over ten years ago. I had purchased the plant labeled "orange-red," planted it the previous fall and awaited it's blooming that late-spring, early-summer. I was so surprised and disappointed when it bloomed the pale peachy salmon color, not the bright, brilliant orangy-red that I anticipated!

Bummer... It wasn't for another couple of years that I had a conversation with my neighbor about the poppies. I mentioned how I had been so disappointed at the color and had even almost pulled it out of the ground, etc. She told me that she and her husband loved the view of the poppy from their kitchen window and watched with anticipation for it to bloom. They loved the salmon color with all the purples and blues of the other flowers around them.

After that conversation, I have come to view my "supposed to be red" poppy plant in a whole new light... This is a very small and insignificant example of the many disappointments we encounter in daily life.  You look forward to something and plans change. You anticipate one thing, and another comes along. The best laid plans fall asunder. Just when you get used to the new boss, she leaves. You really like the boyfriend, he says so long. You don't get the job promotion. Your kid messes up, again. The long-planned vacation with friends falls through. Relationships you thought were solid, show signs of cracking. You've been training for a marathon and sustain a side-lining injury the week before the race. You anticipate the purchase of that first home, but the financing doesn't come through. On and on and on...

Well meaning friends say things like "it wasn't meant to be," "God has different plans," "you'll get another chance," "this too shall pass."  Sometimes it's easier than others to accept the facts and move on. But it's how we deal with all the disappointments, sad times, rejections and failings that make us who we are, isn't it?

Maybe you are like me in that I have learned through experience that sometimes the best thing to offer up to someone going through hard times is the intent to "pray for them." In fact, sometimes that is all we can do, and the most powerful thing we can do. Leaning on the big guy in  tough times, and sharing your gratitude and joys in the good times. How did I get from poppies to prayer, that was a rambling reach, huh?

I guess my real point is that sometimes things don't turn out the way we planned, but they still can be alright...Look at the situation with "fresh eyes," from the neighbor's kitchen window, and maybe they won't seem as bad.  

Andrea Heshmati

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