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Party Appreciated

I was at a wonderful birthday party just recently. There was such great food, beautiful decorations, and wonderful atmosphere. Guys looking sharp and gals were wearing beautiful dresses. The birthday girl had a look of surprise and amazement. The evening was a blast and the host thought so too. She was very experienced. She knew she could do it all but she relied on many people to get the job done by assigning task here and there. She appreciated everybody who pitched in and she was grateful. I think God had the same thing in mind with people.

God is the one and only. He has the power and experience to do everything by himself. So why doesn’t He? God created people because of his amazing love. God loves people and that is the plain truth. God loves to watch us grow up and do things that are glorifying. Each one of us serves the church, serves our families, and serves our fellow humans. I know that sometimes we don’t feel appreciated about the things we do. People take advantage of us and take us for granted. But the one true God loves and appreciates everything you do just like the experienced birthday party host. All the big things and little things are most appreciated by God.

But sometimes we don’t see any results for our hard work. There is no impact on the things we do. Well, we just don’t see the whole picture. The Church is the Body of Christ. Every little part is needed for the body to function. The foot cannot say I don’t need the hand. The hand cannot say I don’t need the eye. Hopefully someday, God will show us the big picture and it is going to be wonderful. Then we will really be amazed at how the big picture works.

So continue on to run the good race. Give your best effort and be proud of it, even though you don’t feel appreciated because God appreciates it. God doesn’t look for your ability, but your availability. The disciples were not a bunch of geniuses, but they were available. They worked hard and were proud of the things they do because they knew God appreciated everything they did. For your walk in Christ, don’t be discouraged, but be encouraged. Be courageous because it is contagious. God bless all the party animals.

In Christ,

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