Paris Elementary School

84% of the students at Paris Elementary School receive free or reduced lunches and speak another at language at home.  GGCC partners with Paris to provide backpacks, school supplies, Thanksgiving baskets, winter outerwear and clothing.

For the 2018-2019 school year GGCC donated a total of 610 school supplies and $840.00 to toward school supplies.    

November 18, 2018, GGCC participants and friends gave a  total of 100 Thanksgiving baskets to Paris families. Click here for pictures. 

Contact Maureen Herzog, at for more information about the ministry.

Thank you from Paris Elementary School

We give thanks for our partnership with Paris Elementary School.  We recently received these testimonials from  grateful Paris Elementary School parents and teachers for school supplies donated.

Juarez Family: “The start of the school year is always a wonderful time for our kids and family, but last year, with my husband out of work and our kids needing school supplies, we had quite a rough start to the school year. Thanks to donations from GGCC, our kids were able have supplies to do homework at home and feel just like all the other kids who brought supplies to their classroom. Thanks so much, GGCC!”

Cantillo Family: “On their first day of school my kids, David, Jocelyn and Bryan did not want to go. This was very strange to me because they had been excited to start all summer long. When I asked them what was wrong, they told me that they were embarrassed to go to school without backpacks, but we could not afford them, so I felt completely helpless. Thanks to GGCC my kids had backpacks for the school year, and felt more at ease going to school to learn. Thanks GGCC!”

Matthew Nava (Paris teacher): “The start of the school year is always a great time for all of us here at Paris, but we know that it can also be a very hard time on our families as they struggle to buy school supplies for their kids. Thanks to GGCC, families who are not able to purchase supplies have access to them and feel supported and connected to Paris and GGCC. We are very grateful for GGCC at Paris.