Pain and Gain


Did you ever notice how painful some things are in this world? A bigger kid is picking on smaller kid because the kid is overweight, too skinny, too weak, too geeky, or etc. The smaller kid must feel lot of pain and fear when the bigger kid confronts the smaller kid. How about when you get a toothache and there is nothing in the world that will distract you from that pain? You have an argument with your wife or kids and the anger in your face creates so much pain. Life is pain. It is all around us. When we grow up, we have to get used to pain. Your wife and kids are screaming at you. You lose your job and that creates all sorts of pain. Even breaking small things like a vase can cause pain. But in life, there is also gain.

God did not promise that life was going to be a rose garden. Life is far from it. But God did promise that He wouldn’t give you anything that you could not handle. From all this pain, I think it is a seed or foundation for gain. That smaller kid is going to learn from it and be more self-confident. The smaller kid is going to grow up and he will not let anybody push him around. The tooth will get better and you feel like a million bucks once the ache has stopped. With wife and kids, there will be arguments but there will also be great and peaceful times where everybody loves one another. One door closes jobwise but another door opens and it can be a better job.

I think about the pain Christ went through. I don’t think any pain in this world can match up with that. The man was sweating blood mind you. It was so intense that I think all of us would fall apart. But Christ did not. That is what made Him so special. It is not that He wanted to do it, He had to do it. Christ died to save our lives and future lives. Christ knew what he was in for. No human man can survive what he did carrying the cross and being whipped like that. No wonder the people at the end said that He was no man and He was truly the Son of God.

As we live our lives, we have to remind ourselves that all the pain we are going through can’t even compare to the pain that Christ went through. His pain is our gain. No matter how excruciating the pain is, you know with God, you are going to get through it and at the end; it will just build your character. I think God intended life to be that way. I am not saying that life should be full of pain and suffering. But sometimes, a little pain goes a long way in building your character. You will be ready with what life throws at you. It is growing process and God know that.

What we gain can be tremendous. You look back and you can see how wonderful life is when there is a little pain thrown your way. The rewards can be great and you know that God will always be there to back you up. There is a saying which goes No pain, No gain. I want to create a new saying which goes Christ pain, our gain.

In Christ,


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