Out of Control

I am very excited to have a few days off from school. At my school,  we don’t get a fall break- but it doesn’t matter to me. We have today and tomorrow off, and in all honesty, I have never needed a break more than this. Because right now, life just seems to be out of control.

I think most people would echo my sentiments. Stress seems to be everywhere. Days seem too long—or in some cases, not long enough. We are constantly stuck in situations, choices, moments that lead us into an uncertain future.

And the future for me is becoming an especially scary place. I sent out my first college application last Sunday. I plan to send out more this weekend. And suddenly, the reality—the future—has really started to sink in. I’m starting to realize that my life is going to change. My surroundings will change. My priorities will change. My friends will change. My relationship with my family will change. And I’m not one of those people who handles change real well.

But everyone seems to be in this boat. I think we call it “life.” Every day we find ourselves in situations, choices, moments. Some are easy and come and go. Others are hard, and linger over us. Either way, life keeps on happening.

Some days I wake up and think “I’ve got to try harder to get my life back in control.” Those are normally the days that go horribly wrong. I’ve come to find  that when I try to take control of my life, I wind up messing everything up. I make rash decisions. I isolate people. I become narrow minded. In the end, I get myself into a world of hurt. But there are other days when I wake up and pray, “God, this is out of control. I put today in your hands.” Those are the days that everything just comes together.

There is no doubt that life is complicated and the future is uncertain. But God is greater than mere complication and uncertainty. When we make plans, we focus on the known and the unknown. But to God, nothing is unknown. He makes plans with all of eternity laid out before him. As Max Lucado says, “God’s greatest creation is not the flung stars or the gorged canyons; it’s his eternal plan for his children.”

But this leads to the million dollar question: What is God’s plan? We can’t know for sure and we probably couldn’t understand it if we did. But we do know two things:

(1.) God is good. He loves us. His number one priority is building a relationship with us. He doesn’t want to see us hurt or in pain. He doesn’t want us to be disappointed. At the same time, God knows best. He knows what is good for us even if we don’t. He won’t put in a situation we can’t handle, and he won’t give us what we want if it won’t make us happy.

(2.) God never fails. Whatever the plan is—rather it involves giant arks, raging seas, ferocious giants, virgin births, or Roman crosses—God will not get it wrong and his plan will always come together.

So really, it isn’t a question of- is God in control... it’s a question of do we trust God. That’s a question you have to answer for yourself. The best response I can give would be this: If God is your co-pilot, switch seats.

Prayer: Dear God. Thank you for the opportunities you give us everyday God. We are thankful that you know us and love us. We want to put today in your hands God. We know that you know best and that your plans are far greater than ours. We ask that you will watch over us, God. Keep us each safe and sound, happy and healthy. In your name we pray. Amen.

Zach Herzog

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