(Off) Sights of Summer

While most people will tell you of their awesome vacations they’ve taken when asked about the sights of summer, I thought I might share with you a couple of my witnessed images from this summer that have caused a fair amount of reflection and wondering.

The first off sight was along Alameda Street, just west of Santa Fe. I was driving in my car and noticed two apparently homeless men. They shared a grocery cart loaded with plastic bags containing their possessions. But the most peculiar thing was that one of them was in a wheel chair and had obvious physical ailments. The other gentleman therefore was in charge of transporting not only their shared grocery cart, but also his friend in a wheelchair. He managed this by tying a rope to his two “vehicles”, so he could transport both at the same time. At first when I noticed this pair, my heart broke reflecting of their destitute situation. It must be nearly impossible to take care of someone in a wheelchair and also be homeless. But then I viewed them with admiration. I was so proud of the healthier gentleman for taking on the duties of caretaker even when he himself had so little to provide.

Beloved, let us Love one another; for love is of God and anyone that loves is born of God and knows God. (John 4:7) 


The other off sight of summer that struck my heart occurred when I was leaving a mall in Colorado Springs and noticed a woman with her young daughter, whom I imagine was about six, with an empty stroller. The woman was crying and had just gotten off her cell phone. I asked if I could help her and she explained she had just locked her five –week old baby girl in her car and was trying to reach her husband with no avail. You could clearly see and hear the woman’s panic as she realized what she had just done. To add to the fear, it had previously been about 90 degrees out that day with the sun beating down fierce. I told the woman I was going back in the store to summon mall security, only to find they were no longer allowed to unlock vehicles. I offered to take her to her house to get extra keys but she lived far away. So I suggested she call 911, which she did and they said they would be there in less than five minutes. Thank you God!

At about the same time all this was happening, cloud cover rolled across the sun’s blazing rays; it began raining and the temperature dropped to about 70 degrees. I told the lady she had been blessed by angels so her baby would be safe. The lady’s mother was also with her so after asking if there was something else I could do, I excused myself since I knew help was shortly on the way and I thought I’d done my part.

BIG MISTAKE! I worried the rest of the day and evening they weren’t able to get the baby out in time. I wondered, should I have told the lady to break a window just to be sure? And by all means, I should have stayed there to offer my calming reassurance and prayers that the baby would be just fine, as I had done when I first spotted the lady. I even researched on the internet to see if I could find any reporting of the incident. I felt so bad for not staying to be sure all went well for their family.

My prayer that I share with you is this, “Lord God, we thank you for showing us your mercy and brotherly love through the homeless and through those who are desperate for your saving Grace when we make foolish mistakes. We ask your help in dealing with situations that call us into action in the most appropriate way. Please provide a blessing to the real life people in my story that have endured unnecessary hardships and burdens. We ask your blessing upon them. And for those who are acting as comfort providers, please teach us to stick around a little bit longer, to make sure the fire is really out before we leave a distraught situation. Amen.

Wendy Saathoff

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