O' Heart of Mine

My heart goes out to you. I left my heart in San Francisco. Woe to my troubled heart. I got a heavy heart. Straight to the heart. There are so many catch phrases that have to do with the heart. I remember a movie a while back called Powder. It was about a boy who was so intelligent and had incredible memory but that was not what was so special about him. It was his heart. He can feel when people felt great emotion. He was able to feel what was going on with people on their death bed. I loved the line by Jeff Goldblum in the movie. He said that I can see our technology surpass our hearts by miles but I waiting for the day that our hearts can surpass our technology. That would be incredible.

Our technology is so advanced right now that it is unbelievable. I see 4 year old children operating an IPad. An IPad. Can you believe that? Computers run the world. There is so much information being passed back and forth. Cell phones and texting is at epic proportions. The funny part is that all these things are connecting people with people but I feel that people are lonelier than ever before. Why aren’t there more kids playing little league baseball or pee wee football? Everybody is on the cell phones texting that eye contact and conversation seems to be a thing of the past.

The heart is the most important organ of the body pumping blood throughout the whole body but yet, the heart itself is a living and breathing thing. It feels when other people are sad or happy. It sees how wonder people can be or how horrible people can be. When God said let’s create man in our own image, I think it is mainly about the man’s heart. Even though King David did some crazy stuff, he was a man after God’s heart. He was compassionate and wise. Are we compassionate nowadays?

The heart not only feeds the body but needs feeding itself. It needs interaction with other hearts. Did you ever notice that when you have a good conversation with other people that you feel good afterwards? That is your heart smiling. When you encourage somebody from destitute, you feel incredible. You are feeding your heart and it is growing stronger. When you feel down and somebody lifts you up, your heart was protected from growing weak. There a lot of hearts out there that is growing weak. It only starts with a few encouraging hearts and it will spread like wildfire. Protect it, grow it, and let it live to the fullest because it is the wellspring of life.

Love God with all of my heart.

In Christ,

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