Not Quite Connected


We recently attended a very fun family gathering and most of the family stayed in the same hotel in a very small town after the wedding. Our hotel, while mostly adequate, could have done just a few modifications to really bump up our overall rating, while not putting forth much more cost or effort. There were quite a few conversation gems about the hotel that we shared among each other. One in particular was the microwave in each of our rooms.

The particular microwave in our room was sitting on a shelf above our hanging clothes and above a small refrigerator. You didn’t need to worry about spilling anything on your clothes when using the microwave, because the cord came within about a foot of connecting to the outlet. So to use the microwave, you had to lower it from the overhead shelf to a shelf closer to the outlet to plug in the cord. And the fridge wasn’t turned on and cold already. You needed to do that yourself. And yes, we did have reservations and they did know of our arrival. But really that is all good and well. It’s just that everything at our little hotel kind of went like that. We, as a family, made a game out of it, and had fun topping each other’s stories, and there were several…

Which, eventually, leads to my devotion. I think about how many times in my life I have given God an “almost connected” moment. A few bits of my time, a half-hearted effort of prayer, or talking myself into only reading part of my intended Bible passage for the day, with the best of intentions of catching up tomorrow, only to fall just a little more behind the next day. And yet, if I take that extra little effort that we expected the hotel manager to make for our stay, think of how much more refreshed and connected I will be to God. It’s a pretty easy task, really. Maybe five or ten more minutes is all that is needed to be the difference between being connected or not quite making the connection. I choose to connect to God.

Dear God,

So many times we struggle to do what is pleasing to you, when what is pleasing to you is right before us in plain sight and we miss the invitation. Please help clear our minds and open our hearts that we may be one with you and that our efforts become more intentional and less rushed. Help us to connect. Amen.


Wendy Saathoff

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