No Ordinary Man

Whenever I listen to bible stories or read the bible myself I have many questions, not of doubt but of analysis. When Jesus was nearing the day of his death he knew that one of his friends would betray him and he knew that he was going to suffer just so we could live with forgiveness of our sins. How could a person keep their composure and remain true to their mind set and faith? I start to fold under the stress of a senior project and a calculus test. How do you not fight back when someone is striking you down in the street in front of hundreds of people unsure of who you really are? I would be quicker to swing back and fight for my life. It is truly incredible how a man of flesh and blood could remain himself and take the pain that we deserved. At anytime he could have ended it. He could have ran away, like most normal people would do when they know they could die. But he was no ordinary man. The difference between him and us in that scenario was how much he loved us. Anyone else in that situation would flee or fight their way out. Jesus accepted his fate and committed to his short lived down fall so we could see how much he loves us. He had to wait for the perfect moment for people to realize his power and what he was capable of. He waited three days to come back to us and tell his disciples to spread the word. Even after death he continued to redeem others and start chain reactions that caused the salvation of millions of others. His ultimate sign of love was coming back to us even after we left him to die. He came back and forgave us.

In my own life I find moments of frustration, stress, and pain but it is incredibly difficult to keep my cool and think about how this small moment has an impact. Jesus knew that his death and resurrection would have a massive impact on the entire world. In moments of turmoil I like to look towards the story of Jesus and how he handled being beaten near death and hung on the cross. I realize that my life could be much worse and I remember how grateful I am to have someone that did that for all of humanity. I see how his actions made others show love and grace and I try to forgive as well as he did.  Around Easter I like to look around my life for signs of redemption. Whether it is yourself, a loved one, or someone you just met, show them how much you love them and how you can redeem them through forgiveness or triumph. Remember the pain and the resurrection and what love can do for you and others.

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night                                                                                                              Take these broken wings and learn to fly                                                                                                              All your life                                                                                                                                                          You were only waiting for this moment to arise." - The Beatles, Blackbird

Brooks R. Jacobs

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