No Fear

Sometimes I wish that I would still possess some of the characteristics I had growing up as a kid.  One of them is being fearless.  As a kid, I would just go do it without any thinking of sacrificing security or safety.  I don’t mean that I was not scared as a kid.  There are plenty of things that I was scared of as a kid.  I mean sometimes I don’t hesitate or think about what is going to happen to me.  In the scriptures, the children ran and came to Jesus but some of his disciples wanted to chase them off.  Jesus says no way and wanted all the children to come to him. Jesus says that you have to be like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven.  I feel that one of these characteristics in being like a child is being fearless.  Enter the gates and you don’t want to expect but it is just truly wonderful. As an adult, we would probably think about am I wearing the proper clothes and shoes or how much is this going to cost to enter the gates or did I park my car in the proper place at the gates.  We should enter the kingdom of heaven in amazement and trust God that it is just wonderful.

Remember that story of Lot and his mom.  Lot kept asking God to save the city if there was a certain amount of good people at Sodom and Gomorrah.  It ended up he and his mom left the city and God says don’t turn back. Keep walking away from the city but his mom was worried about all her possessions, valuables, and what not. She looked back and turned into stone.  Moving forward is a part of being fearless.  You don’t know what is in store for you in the future but with God, it has got to be bright but probably pretty hard.  Life is not supposed to be easy.  If it were, then everybody would be pretty lazy.  I remember a scene from a movie called “A League of Our Own” where Gina Davis and Tom Hanks are having a conversation and she says baseball is just too hard. He had a great line.  It is supposed to be hard.  If it was easy, everybody would do it.  It’s the hard that makes it great.  Life in Christ is hard and that’s what makes it great.  Being fearless is what makes life awesome.  God gives us the power to be fearless if we submit our life to Him.

I wanted to conclude with a quote from another movie.  Jet Li is an incredible martial arts movie star and he made a movie a while back with the title of this devotion called Fearless.  The trailer opens with a quote from a philosopher named Lao Tzu which is “Mastering others is strength.  Mastering yourself makes you fearless.”  I understand where he is coming from but I like the following which is “Helping others is strength.  Letting God master you will make you fearless.”

God’s peace,
Stan Yee

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