No Distractions

A couple of weeks ago, I made a fashion faux pas. It was very unintentional (as I’m sure most are!). I have a black pair of boots and a brown pair. They look nothing alike and fit totally different. Ready to leave the house, I slipped on my brown boots that I have to wear with thick socks since they are a bit too wide and thought, hum … that’s weird … why is it so much snugger on the left than the right? Unzipped my boots to inspect what I thought might be a bunched up sock or even mismatched socks. Well, no problem there so zipped them up and went about my day. After coming home, they ended up in front of the fireplace in plain sight for the better part of a week and then I managed to move them all the way to the bottom of the stairs with good intentions of taking them upstairs on my next trip. It took another few days before they made their way up to my closet.

Even as I was holding them while carrying them up the stairs they felt different in my hand. As I put them away, I noticed there was one black and one brown boot. I couldn’t figure out how the black boot got downstairs since I had been wearing the brown ones. And then, finally after a good 20 minutes or so as I was organizing some other things it dawns on me that I had been wearing two different boots! I had to go back to my calendar to remember what I was even doing the day I wore them.

I had been to a doctor’s appointment, sitting in a full waiting room for a good half hour. I had taken them off before getting on the scale because who wants an additional five pounds noted. That meant unzipping, removing, putting them back on and zipping them back up. I met with the nurse, the PA and the doctor. Went to fill my prescription only to find out they didn’t carry it there and they sent me to another location. After that, I met a friend for coffee near University of Denver. She was running late so I patiently sat among college students sipping lattes and expressos. And, all the while, wondering why my left boot was so snug.

I enjoyed my day being utterly clueless as to my attire so was without worry of what others might think of my mismatched boots or the anxiety of trying to figure out how I could get back home to fix my mistake or positioning myself in a way that others wouldn’t notice. I was focused on my appointment and time with my friend with no other distractions. There was no need for apologies, no embarrassment, no worries. Wouldn’t it be great if every day was like that despite whatever might be going on in our life that tries to take us away from where we want or need to be?

Fix your eyes upon your Father in Heaven and you will not be distracted. Even if you are wearing two different shoes!

Nancy Nickoley

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