One of the most emotional events in sports was when Kevin Durant formerly of the Golden State Warriors received the MVP honors for that year. Of course, he thanked his teammates, coaches, organization, and etc. but there was one person who really took the spotlight. It was his mom. His mom made so many sacrifices in order for him to become the man he is right now. She spent so much time and money for his training in basketball and when money got tight, she skipped meals and buying things she really needed or wanted. That is the meaning of sacrifice. They made a movie of her life story which was very touching. She was the MVP in his mind and dedicated the award to her. But what made Kevin such an obvious choice for MVP?

He led the team with his skills. Shooting, dribbling, rebounding, defense, and etc. were at a high level but I think it made his teammates want to be better. Now, he was a gifted basketball player but you can’t rely only on skill. He must have put much hard work and many hours to get to where he is and continue to make progress. His teammates saw what he did and tried to do the same. It just uplifts the whole team. When you are a good leader, the rest of team wants to follow you, learn from you, and support you.

His team wanted to support him. They wanted to be part of something special. He alone cannot win basketball games. It takes a good team or great team to win in the NBA. They saw how special he was. All of them lifted their game in order to win. That only comes with hard work and practice. I am sure if you talk to past teammates of his, they would say they become better ball players due to the expertise and leadership that he possesses.

There was love, care, and concern among all of them. They say that the team is only strong as the weakest link. Love and friendship in my opinion is the biggest things outside the sport. I would say that it holds a team together. It binds it. You are not just playing for a pay check but you should be playing for each other. It is love, care, and concern that holds a team together in order to run the good race and achieve the ultimate prize at the end.

Kevin Durant was an outstanding MVP but I think I know one even more so and His name was Jesus Christ. Christ is the MVP for all the Christians. Follow Christ and He will bring you to the promised land.

In Christ,


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