Motion Picture Birthday

We are preparing and waiting and getting ready for the biggest birthday of all. Too bad there was too much commotion to give Jesus the proper welcoming he deserved when he was born in Bethlehem. Because so many people were in Bethlehem to register for the mandated census, his parents were forced to take refuge in the smelly, cold stable, to welcome the birth of their Holy Son. This was only to be followed by an escape route to Egypt when King Herod to tried to have Jesus killed, and instead ended up killing off so many innocent little babies. Throughout his life and beyond, the mention of Jesus has created great controversy among non-believers.

We can also appreciate in another way how Jesus’ birthday was announced by a host of angels and he was blessed by the visit of three wise men who came to worship Jesus. Yes, three kings worshipping a baby. There were also shepherds who visited and knelt down to worship this newborn.

When you think about all the activity surrounding the birth of Jesus, it sounds like a complicated plot from a thriller movie. There are scandals, deaths, near miss experiences, subplots and adventures. Kings and shepherds. Angels and cattle. The Son of God, born in a stable. Such complexity and odd combinations all in the birth of one little child. If someone were creating this scene in a movie for the first time and this had never happened in real life, do you think the writers would create any scene with so many things mismatched? It’s as if God wanted everyone to have a part. In the end, the true hero wins. And in the end, you and I are the real winners through the salvation of Jesus and the life everlasting. And in the end, we all do have the opportunity to have a part, no matter how different each of is from everyone else. God wrote us all in the script. Amen.

Dear God, we can only imagine the scene as it occurred at Jesus’ birth. The lights from the star that shone so bright, the sounds of the animals in the stable, the scared eyes of the new parents who could never ever imagine the greatest of miracles appearing, the gracious kings, the evil King, everyone knowing their part, and the actions in witnessing the birth of your Son. We are thankful for the blessings and parables Jesus brought to life. We are humbled to remember and honor His birthday. Amen.

Wendy Saathoff

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