More and less

During Lent we focus on giving up something so we can get more of God. Less of this, more of that. I ran across a great list this week of 40 ideas of more this and less that. Seems to fit well with the 40 days of Lent. Take a peek and see if this might be a list for you to engage.

  1. More confidence, less doubt
  2. More action, less regret
  3. More quiet, less noise
  4. More strength, less fear
  5. More love, less hate
  6. More smiles, less tears
  7. More growth, less stagnation
  8. More celebrating, less minimizing
  9. More presence, less absence
  10. More quality, less junk
  11. More freedom, less rigidity
  12. More forgiveness, less resentment
  13. More compassion, less bitterness
  14. More focus, less distraction
  15. More intention, less default
  16. More responsibility, less blame
  17. More space, less clutter
  18. More happiness, less guilt
  19. More travel, less waiting
  20. More inclusion, less exclusion
  21. More curiosity, less narrow-mindedness
  22. More connection, less solidarity
  23. More nature, less screen time
  24. More authenticity, less imitation
  25. More kindness, less anger
  26. More uniqueness, less comparison
  27. More contentment, less jealously
  28. More patience, less haste
  29. More trust, less anxiety
  30. More giving, less taking
  31. More faith, less fear
  32. More reading, less streaming
  33. More experiences, less shopping
  34. More hugs, less distance
  35. More joy, less woe
  36. More reusing, less disposing
  37. More nourishment, less sacrifice
  38. More community, less individualism
  39. More savoring, less rushing
  40. More possibility, less limitation

We’ll be looking for you tomorrow at 9:00 or 10:30 a.m. as we gather to celebrate more love, less fear; more grace, less law; more mercy, less judgement; and more today, less yesterday or tomorrow.

Grace be with you,


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