Missing You

At first, when my wife left with her mother and sisters on their annual "Girl's Weekend Trip", this time to Taos, I thought selfishly, "Oh boy, I can rent all the action movies and watch all the baseball games, and I can eat all the bad man-food that I want this weekend!!"

But as the weekend progressed and I had to do all the chores that my wife always does to keep the kitchen and house and clothes clean, and as I grew tired of the bad B-movies and food, and as I got "sportsed-out", and as I mowed the lawn, and as I did everything else I could to kill time, I started realizing how much I must take my wife for granted, even though I tell myself that I don't. And I almost immediately started missing her, even though I masked those feelings for awhile with the movies and games. Then those feelings grew and became more intense.

It really isn't better to have all this so-called freedom to do nothing but worldly things... Not that fun things are bad, but it's a matter of degree, i.e., to what degree is my focus and time and money spent on such transient things instead of on lasting and deep inner satisfaction based on relationships?

That's how it is when I put every worldly distraction ahead of my relationship with God. I somehow convince myself I will be "happier" if I can just avoid all my responsibilities and give in to all the "fun" distractions. Instead, that fun turns out to be hollow and fleeting if it is the main goal of my life. I am not happier when I take my eyes off the true prize. And, yes, I start missing my God -- not that He went anywhere -- but because I have lost my focus on Him. Eventually, I come back to Him with tears in my eyes, asking Him to forgive me, and then I realize He already did! Oh, Lord, "How Great Thou Art"!! What an awesome God we serve!

Dear God, forgive me for giving in to the distractions of this world, and for taking my eyes and heart off of You. Thank You for welcoming me back in with open arms when my focus wanders away from You! Oh, Lord, may I always Miss You and come back to You!

Blessings in Jesus' name,

Randy Weldon

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1. Julie Weldon wrote:
I always miss you too, Love you, J

Sun, August 9, 2009 @ 6:05 AM

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