Meeting God on Holy Ground

Do you ever wonder about a Bible verse? Do you wish you understood what it says in the Bible? You know, stuff that seems weird or outdated? Why are there different translations? How can one verse be used to illustrate opposing views? Does it seem to you that some people worship the Bible more than they worship God?

The Bible is often a mystery. God is often a mystery. How can this book help us to understand God? That’s often the biggest mystery of all. Chris Webb in the book Fire of the Word – Meeting God on Holy Ground writes that sometimes we study the Bible too hard for understanding. (Or, we don’t study it because we don’t understand.) He says that just as we are created in God’s image and have God’s breath of life in us, so too does the Bible. It’s a place where we can meet God and hear this message:

You were created to be loved and to love.

That’s the purpose of your existence.

Everything in the Bible is meant to help us understand that message. Experiencing the Bible is more than reading the words on a page – it’s opening ourselves up to God who is present in the scriptures and present with us. The words are less important when we engage our Bible and expect God to be present. And God is.

There may always be differences in Biblical interpretation, but sometimes it’s better to love, than to be right.

See you tomorrow as we gather to Love God and experience God in the Word!

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