Meet Our Leaders

David Jensen, Lead Pastor

Born and raised in Iowa, Dave and his bride Amy have lived in Colorado since 1998 when they moved here from Fremont, Nebraska with their three children, Amanda, Cole and Dane, who are all now college age.

Dave's passion is seeing Jesus reveal that the ground beneath us is sacred. The temple curtain (this was the entrance to the holy of holies where God was believed to dwell and only the priests were allowed to enter there) is torn in two (Mark 15:38), Jesus is loose in the world, and wherever we are, God is at work among us! No one can contain God, and our God is to be experienced, not merely reflected upon.

As the Lead Pastor at GGCC, Dave gets to be out among the people of our congregation and the community, allowing God to do ministry to him and through him.

In his free time, Dave enjoys hanging out with friends and family, hiking, tennis, movies and detasseling corn.

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Vikki Luce, Executive Minister

Vikki was born and raised in the Buckeye State, but she has lived in Colorado with her husband Terry since 1981 and hopes to always call Colorado home. She and Terry have two sons, Andrew and Isaac and a couple of grandsons.

Vikki's passion is helping God's children of all ages grow in their relationships with God, one another, God's Word and God's world. Her guiding scripture is Romans 12:2, "Let God change the way you think!" At GGCC, Vikki leads the Children & Youth Ministries and is a key leader for prayer, worship, and helping people live out God's dreams for them and the church.

Vikki loves to laugh, and she gets her biggest laughs from Terry, her kids, Dave Jensen and the daily comics in the Denver Post. She loves finding God the creator in the mountains, feeling God's grace flowing through any body of water, and drawing on God's love in relationship with others.

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Ed Edwards, Worship & Music 

Theresa Cope, Bookkeeper

Carolyn Hammack, Support Minister

Maureen Herzog, Support Minister

Carolyn and Maureen are part-time Support Ministers sharing in the lead for Hospitality ministries particularly for God's Grace worship gatherings; and in Outreach ministries. 

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Claudia Larson, Community Development Minister - Retired

A Colorado native, Claudia was born and raised in the Denver area. She and her husband Roger live in Aurora.  Their son, Kyle, is the Site and Facility Manager at Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp. 

At God's Grace, Claudia led the Outreach and Hospitality Ministries and played a significant role in Pastoral Care. Her passion for serving others has equipped us well to move into the future. Thank you Claudia!