I loved to go to show and tell in school and my favorite was bringing in magnets. My uncle had quite the collection and I picked the largest and most powerful one in the group. A handful of paper clips was no problem. All the students were impressed and I felt great after school. The funny thing about magnets is that it has two sides. It can attract other magnets with opposite poles. On the other hand, it can repel other magnets with same poles. With powerful magnets, it is impossible to get them together with same poles because the repelling action is too much. Then a question comes to my mind in which I think we as people are similar to magnets.

The people that we don’t like to be with is when we repel them as magnets. The people that we like to be with is when we attract them as magnets. That is why there is so much love and hate in this world. As followers of Christ, we should attract as many people as we can. Jesus was a great example of this. He tried to attract as many people as possible, even in situations that were not supposed to be like the Samaritan woman. He still attracted the people that brought his death. We as people do form like magnet groups. We have our friends, our family, and our relatives even though there is repelling amongst our magnet groups. Then I think there is a huge and gigantic magnet in our midst.

God is the big magnet and we as followers of Christ are attracted to Him. He is the one that first attracted us. His love knows no bounds. We as the body of Christ act as one huge magnet group. Now I am not saying it is all peace and joy. Among the magnets, there is going to be some repelling. Just like the porcupine example. Christians are like porcupines. We do come together next to each porcupine but sometimes, if we are too close, we prick and stab each other. But I think God’s way is the best. We get great strength, peace, joy, and fellowship amongst the magnets. I think people feel a great confidence and attitude when people gather is His Name.

There are so many lonely magnets out there. Some will be attracted to God while others repel God. We as Christians should try our hardest to get the lonely magnets to the big magnet group. Some will repel so much that they will never come to the big magnet group but there is a lot that will come to the big magnet group. So go forth and make disciples from all the magnets of the world.

In Christ,

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