Love Me for Me

I saw two girls in high school around prom time. One is heavy set and very mediocre looking. She cries in room because nobody asked her to the prom. She asks herself why do guys always care about looks and who will love me for me. The other girl acts very sultry and sexy. She wears skimpy dresses to impress guys and possibly become prom queen. I guess she just wants to fit in but she is not like that. Deep down inside, she is really another person. She’s in her room thinking why am I doing this just to impress guys and other girls. She wants to have her own identity and she asks herself who will love me for me.

I saw two guys in college. One is a freshman who is very scared and hardly been away from home. He is shy and not very sociable. It doesn’t seem like he can make friends and he is sad in his room. He asks himself why nobody talks to him, am I going to go through college alone, and who will love me for me. The other is a star wide receiver on the football team. He is admired by many people for his ability on the field. But when the game is over and he goes to class, it is not the same attention when he is on the field. He thinks to himself do people just like me when I am just on the field, do people really care about me, and who will love me for me.

I saw many of those wonderful athletes playing professional sports. They are just incredible in that way they can throw the football, shoot the basketball, and hit that home run to win the game. They must feel great in the moment but I always wondered how they felt when they are not in the moment like athletes that retire or injure themselves into early retirement. When people are through rooting for you and chanting your name, there is silence. Do people love you as they did before? I think many athletes think about this and asks themselves who will love me for me. They just get a blank response.

Who will love me for me? Of course, God will. Christ will. Holy Spirit will but will people? As human beings, will we love people for who they are? There is not enough of this kind of love going around. We need to break down the walls and reach out to people because we are all humans. Christ did and I pray we can be like Him. So who will love me for me? I hope you will in the future and always. Love people with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul. God does and always will.

In Christ,

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1. Julie wrote:
Thank-you Stan for reminding us of the extravagant love shown to us through Jesus. It is a love that was meant to change us and move us to love likewise...God Bless, Julie

Wed, February 2, 2011 @ 1:30 PM

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