Look at the Birds of the Air

Dear Worriers, 

I find myself in lower moments fretting and failing to trust Jesus to pull me through tough times. It may be a human condition, but it still worries me when I worry too much. 

Helmut Thielicke in “LIFE BEGIN AGAIN” said, “We should not artificially turn away from our (worries) by constantly  listening to the radio, for example, or running to the movies, or some other kind of busy work, but rather direct our cares to him who wills to bear and share our sin and all our suffering and therefore all our cares. No diversion, but directing our cares. This is what to do. Jesus did not say: Look at the ostrich, how it buries its head in the sand and tries to escape the fear of danger. No, he said: "Look at the birds of the air, keep your eyes open, stand straight up and look to the heights where God makes known God’s grace and care.” 

There are 16 participants headed to Booneville, Mississippi as you read this. None of us really know what is going to happen for sure. Nor do we know with complete certainty who we are going to do the unknown deeds with. We are entering into unknown  territory that could certainly be cause for anxiety and worry.  What we do know is Jesus cares for the “birds who fly in the air" (Matthew 6:26) “ and he promises to care for God’s children even more. 

Thanks be to God that Jesus was, is, and will be tending to all that worries us.  From  Colorado to Booneville and all points in between and beyond our God keeps all promises. 


Pastor David J Jensen

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