Living Religion

This semester I am taking the final class for my minor in Religious Studies, the capstone Theory of Religion. Each week we cover a different theory of religion, generally old guys from early-mid 20th century, and Freud…. Ugh Freud. However, one week we covered a book by Meredith McGuire called, Lived Religion: Faith and Practice in Everyday Life. Her theory updates and modifies older theories and presents new ideas that meld with a modern and globalized civilization. This theory resonated with me. I have grown up in an internet laced society where I can look up practically any spiritual belief or thought on a whim. But what is really important and what I plan on practicing is that your religious identity is more than, Methodist, Catholic, Hindu, etc. Your faith is what you practice in everyday life, what is the walk you walk, not just your talk.

When Christ was teaching, he accepted all people as long as they came to him. His disciples, the people he met with, they identified with a wide variety of aspects of life that made their lived religion fit their lives, while still incorporating the teachings of Christ, of love. As you go through your life, think of what your lived religion is and how the Christian aspect, the loving aspect of that spiritual identity is and can be incorporated into more aspects of your life so that with all the other titles, the love of Christ pours through.

Sam Jacobs

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