Light Up Inside

I usually go to Panera Bread every Saturday morning to get a scrumptious bagel and great coffee. I noticed two women sitting outside at one of those umbrella tables. One of them gave the other a beautifully wrapped present with all the bows and trimmings. They both had a smile a mile wide. She opened the present saving the box and wrappings. It was a gorgeous necklace. They both laughed and could not contain their enjoyment. The one receiving the gift had so much joy, but yet the one giving the gift had just as much or even more so.

I heard a story about a little old lady in China that sells vegetables for a living. She makes at most, a modest living, just a few dollars a day but yet she was chosen as one of Time magazine’s most amazing people in the world. The reason they chose her was that she gave so much back to her community that it had totaled close to half a million US dollars in her lifetime. That is extraordinary but she loved giving away food and money. It made her smile a mile wide. She knew the exact meaning of the act of giving. It lit her up inside so bright.

What lights you up inside? Is it giving? Satan is such a tricky devil, no pun intended. The more and more money you make and more things that you have lights you up inside according to Satan, but yet at the end, you can’t take it with you and Satan has got you. Darkness is what you will have inside instead of light. Jesus gave up so much, including his life to save you. That’s what lit him up inside. Somehow giving makes us feel so wonderful inside and that is exactly what God wants for you. I think our church God’s Grace does so much in the way of giving. We have great mission trips and great events to give back to the community. Extreme community makeover is a wonderful event in which we give back to the community. I have seen people lit up inside giving a helping hand to the people in need.

When have we seen you hungry and thirsty, Lord? Give, clothe, and feed the people in need and you will light up the world.

In Christ,

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