Light Into Darkness

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Nicodemus who was a leader of the Jews came to Jesus at “night” (he was dwelling in “darkness.”) He had heard that Jesus was a great teacher and he wanted to experience a sign of the new Kingdom that Jesus was ushering in. (John 3:1-17)

What “darkness” have you been in, and what sign from God helped you out of it? What darkness might you be in now and how might God’s light better illuminate your way? The way the gospel works is it goes forward and then comes back exposing what needs to be worked on. The proper metaphor might be a pool player striking the cue ball in such a way that it sets you up for the next shot.

It is more and more my conviction that the greatest darkness within all of us is that we are trying too hard to be filled up with what marketers try to sell us vs. the spiritual food of Jesus. As I walk the paths of the dump in Managua with our group of six missionaries from Gods Grace Community Church this week, I am amazed at how God’s light radiates in through the people here, who in many cases have only the love of God to share.

What Jesus offered Nicodemus was the promise of love. The light that fills the darkness is the power of the light of Jesus’ love. Nicodemus knew that only the relationship with Jesus could offer what truly fills and scatters the darkness.

We, like Nicodemus, can talk to Jesus. We call this conversation prayer. Catholic scholar and mystic, Henri Nouwen wrote, “ Prayer is radical conversation of all our mental processes, because in prayer we move away from ourselves—our worries, preoccupations, and self gratifications---and direct all that we recognize as ours to God in the simple trust that through love all will be made new.”

Have a blessed week,

David J. Jensen

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