What do you grab onto when things go wrong?

I recently took up knitting, or a better term would be un-knitting. My grandmother taught me to knit and purl about 45 years ago and I was hoping that it would be like riding a bike … once you learn you never forget. Well, not so much for me so I took a class to get back on the bike. It did come pretty easily however my hands don’t work so well at times. But creating something out of yarn makes me happy.

I’m working on a lacy scarf with open sections which to my amazement is pretty easy. The not-so-easy part is remembering what order the stitches go in and what row I’m on. My brain and hands seem to be partners in crime. Because of the open work, if you make a mistake it’s really hard to find your place when you have to go back and fix something. I’m sure I could have made several scarves by now if I didn’t have to do so much un-knitting.

Did you know lifelines are not only for sinking ships or medical alerts? Remember the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Contestants could use their lifelines to help get answers to the questions. In knitting it’s recommended to use a lifeline where you place a contrasting yarn through the stitches on a row that’s knitted correctly. The more complicated the pattern, the more a lifeline helps. If you really mess up all you have to do is rip out the stitches back to the lifeline. You can’t rip further because the lifeline catches the stitches.

Once I discovered this little trick my anxiety left. I knew I was going to mess up sooner or later but my project wasn’t going to be ruined. I just rip out my mistakes knowing that my lifeline would prevent me from having to start from scratch. It was forgiving and freeing.

Like knitting, when my days get all twisted up I know that Jesus will always let me start over. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life (Line).

Knitted Peace,

Nancy Nickoley

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