Let Your Light Shine

I was sitting at home watching something on TV at night and suddenly without warning, the power goes out in the neighborhood.  All the houses around me are all dark and it was definitely a quiet night.  We are so dependant on electricity and energy.  I found myself looking out the window for about a half hour walking up and down the stairs looking through each window in my house.  There was really nothing to do but sleep or walk aimlessly around in the dark.  I could have read a book but that would suck the battery power out of the flashlight.  It is amazing that there is nothing to do but walk aimlessly around the house or just sleep.  We really can’t do anything in these current times with electricity.  We are totally lost without plugged in electronic equipment.
I believe it is the same thing with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.  Without the vine, you can do nothing.  People are staying busy, making money, and enjoying entertainment but they are still walking aimlessly in the dark in God’s eyes.  The Holy Spirit is the electricity in our Christian lives.  It lifts us up and makes us feel great.  We are not walking aimlessly or sleeping in the dark.  We have the power to shine in such a dark and desolate world. People are really dependent and need the light of Christ but all in their own good time.  We have to be that light source.  We need to shine our light so that people see how good it is.  They need to see that it is useless to walk aimlessly in this dark and desolate world without the light of God.

When the sun shines with its brilliant light, we say to ourselves “It’s a beautiful day.” You just feel so wonderful to walk outside on a warm sunny day.  The light shines on your face and you feel its warmth.  There is a wonderful feeling that consumes your heart and you just feel right on beat.  I think people these days really need to have this feeling. Then someday we will be with the awesome God Almighty and you don’t need to say to yourself “It’s a wonderful day.”

The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness will never overcome it.  John 1:5

In Christ,

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