Lego Movie

I took my grandkids to see the Lego Movie this week. While the theater had only about 20 people in attendance, all of them were kids accompanied by an adult. I wonder how many adults ever go kid-free to see “kid” movies?

I will never forget the first (in the theater) movie we took our now 22 year olds to….the original Toy Story. It was 1995 and they were 3 ½. The movie had drawn a lot of buzz as it was the first feature-length computer-animated film, and the first produced by Pixar. That meant nothing to our kids, they were just excited to go to the theater. Turned out Mo and I laughed more (always adult humor/innuendo hidden in those “kid” movies), probably got more out of the movie than the kids and of course we were very impressed by the amazing “computer” stuff. Good memories…

Back to the Lego Movie…I could go into detail about the themes of the movie…we’re all special in our own ways, we can all be “master builders,” spend quality time with your kids, etc. but you should go see it for yourself. I got a lot out of the movie, despite taking a 10 minute nap about 20 minutes in! I enjoyed the time spent with my sweet grandkids, who were exceptionally well-behaved. It was fun to walk around the courtyard afterwards, attempting to convince the kids that our church really did used to be in the Slammers Bar spot. The best part of our time together had to be when we were just walking out, all commenting that they really loved the movie. I hadn’t even gotten to the time when I asked them what their favorite part was, when 3 year old Naveed piped up and said, “Well, ( he seems to start every statement with “well” these days!) I really liked it when the bad guy turned to being a good guy.” That idea must have really stuck with him, because he was still talking about it on the ride home, after dinner an hour later. And as you could probably imagine, there were many other happenings in the movie that were more “glamorous” possibilities for being the favorite part.

My take away- 1) I need to go see more “kid” movies, with or without the grandkids. Next up,  Frozen, or maybe The Nut Job. 2) Never underestimate the insight/intelligence of a 3 year old. 3) Bad things always have the potential for becoming good things.

Dear God, Thank you for the blessing of grandchildren! Thank you for walking alongside us, even carrying us sometimes, as we trudge through the bad stuff. Thank you for helping us have patience for the good that is to come. Amen

Andrea Heshmati

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