Lectio Divina

Below is a passage from the Bible that will be our scripture focus this coming Sunday.  You might try using it in an exercise the church has done throughout history called Lectio Divina (which means “sacred [or holy] reading” and is pronounced “LEX-ee-oh Div-EE-na”).

Instructions for Lectio Divina:
Read the passage through three times slowly, pausing to be silent in between each reading.

During the first reading, just listen to the words.  It might help to read it out loud if you’re somewhere you can do that.

During the second reading, see what else you notice.  Maybe it’s a phrase that jumps out at you, a word you didn’t pay attention to the first time, or something else you become aware of.  Perhaps it’s an emotion, or a word picture that comes alive.

During the third reading, invite God to point out a particular word, phrase, feeling, or image that might stand out more specifically to you—on this day, at this time, during this reading—as a way God might be speaking through this passage.  It’s okay if nothing “happens” here, but just let God know you’re open to that and listening for it.

After the three readings, sit quietly for a moment with your word, image, or phrase if you have one.  Give God thanks either way. Then pray your own prayer.

You can do this with any passage of scripture.  On another day, you might use one of the Psalms (located in the middle of your Bible).  May God bless your time with scripture.

The reading for this Sunday: John 12: 1-8

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