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Dear Last Placers,

In his book “Dave Berry Hits Below the Beltway,” humorist Dave Berry writes, “When I got to Washington , I discovered that even among the young people , being a good guy was not the key thing. The key thing was your position on the great Washington totem pole of status. Way up at the top of this pole is the president; way down at the bottom, below mildew is the public. In between is an extremely complex hierarchy of government officials, journalists, lobbyists, lawyers and other power players, holding thousands of minutely graduated status rankings differentiated by extremely subtle nuances that only Washingtonians are capable of grasping."

“For example, Washingtonians know whether a person whose title is 'Principle Assistant Deputy Undersecretary' is more or less important than a person whose title is ‘Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary,’ or ‘Principal Deputy to the Deputy Secretary,’ or 'Principal Assistant Deputy Undersecretary,’ or Chief of Staff to the Assistant Assistant Secretary.’ (All of these are real federal job titles.)"

“Everybody in Washington always seems to know exactly how much status everybody else has.”

Jesus sat down with the 12 and said , "So you want to be in first place? Then take the last place. Be servant of all.” (Mark 9:35)

As we watch the political ads we all have a multitude of feelings. I read in Tuesday's paper that Romney and Obama are in intense preparation for the upcoming debates. Here is how I wish the first debate would go: I want the moderator to ask, "Is there anyone here who knows either candidate tonight who is serving as an usher this evening, or cleaned one of the candidate's rooms today, served a table in a restaurant where they ate, or possibly serves as a low level intern on the staff of one of these campaign?” If no such person is present, that tells us much. If such people are present, I would love to have the moderator interview them vs. the candidates themselves. I would be very curious to hear how each candidate has related to, or treated, some of those whom American society refers to as the least, yet Jesus called, the greatest. It might just decide how a Christian ought to vote this November.

If those in lower level roles (by the worlds' standards)  in your life were to be interviewed on how you treat them, is it an interview you would want the nation to hear?

Mark 9 blessings to you today.

Still in One Peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen

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