Last Chance?

You ever go to a carnival and play those games that totally rip you off ? Throw 3 darts to hit a balloon and win a prize. Throw 5 rings on Coke bottles to win a prize. Shoot 3 basketballs and win a prize if you get them all in. Then you are down to your last dart or last ring and this is your last chance to win a prize. Most of the time you don’t get that prize but there are moments that you get that prize and it is like light shining from the clouds on you.

You go to a dance all by yourself. There are many couples there but there are a lot of single people also. The dance is almost over but there is that last chance for a dance. People asking people for the last dance and you might get that dance or you might not. You could feel great at the end or most of the time, you feel dejected and alone. Most people don’t want to feel that way.

You invite a friend to church but he doesn’t want to go. You invite a friend to church events but he doesn’t want to go. You give him money to go to church and he doesn’t want to go. Just kidding about the money. You try and try again and he doesn’t want to go. You say to yourself that this is my last chance and I blew it. But you are totally wrong. God has other plans for your friend.

God is the God of chances. He has given us so many chances for us to accept Christ. He has given us so many chances to change and live a righteous life. I think God never says that this is your last chance. Love never says that either. Love has no vocabulary called last chance. There is always a chance that Love redeems.

Kids run away from home for many stupid reasons. There are so many of them who live in the streets. They are all alone and there is no kindness anywhere. But if they reach down in their hearts where love lives, they will find there is always a chance to come home. To come home and be loved and that is where Love states that there is no last chance. There is always a chance to start over. There is always a chance to be renewed.

Some people feel so depressed because things in their life have gone wrong. I lost my job. I lost people I loved. I am so poor with no money. I feel life isn’t worth living. I want to kill myself. But again, if you really look inside your heart where love lives, love takes over and says that life isn’t that bad and there are many great things going in your life or to strive for in your life. Love shines through and states there is no last chance. There is always a chance.

God loves chances. He loves people taking chances and changing their life. That’s how we grow. There is no last chance. Don’t give up. Keep trying to invite that friend to church. If you see a runaway person in the street, try to see if there is a chance to reunite that person with home. It is never too late. Love always provides that chance. There is no last chance to read this devotion. Keep the faith and take that chance.

In Christ,
Stan Yee

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