Just One Drop

“I need you and you need me
left alone we will never be who we could be
so take my hand and don’t forget that we can do anything together
Just one drop of your love a single ray of sun

Just one thing to change the world…”

These are the beginning lyrics to a song by Plumb. It is a light hearted summery tune that just makes you smile. One drop of love can change your life forever. It can mean the difference between hope and despair. If you ask Jesus, love is really what it is all about. You start with just one drop…and the drop ripples, the ripples gather momentum into a current and before you know it you have a wave!

Love is this amazing power that truly can change the world! But we cannot do it by ourselves. I know there is a trend to being “spiritual” but not practicing a religion or attending a church. Honestly I can see how this trend came to be. I know too many people who have been damaged by the “Church”.

“I need you and you need me, left alone we will never be who we could be…” Without God’s love I can never be who I was created to be. I find God’s love hidden throughout my world but I intentionally seek it in the Community of Christ. The Community of Christ has helped me to grow as a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend and an artist. The community of Christ has built me up when the difficulties I have faced tried their best to tear me down. The community of Christ celebrates my victories and offers to share the burdens of my defeats.

Last Saturday I hosted a Painting Party in my studio for a small community of faith who call themselves the Soul Sisters. One of the gals shared with me that it was a healing time for her. Community happens sometimes in the most unusual places…like a High School Band Room. The where isn’t as important as the Who…
I need you. You need me. Left alone we will never be who God created us to be. Let in just one drop of his love…the wave that follows will change your life!


Abba, thank-you for happy tunes that remind me of the power of your love! Thank-you for the gentle reminders that I cannot do this alone, I need the community of faith so that I can be who you created me to be.

Julie Weldon

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