Just Love

Bob Goff says, Instead of telling everyone what Jesus meant, just love people the way He did.

Isn’t that true? It’s easy to get all “this is what it means to be like Jesus” instead of actually doing it. Loving our enemies sounds good in theory but in reality it’s difficult. Sharing what we have is a good idea until it puts a dent in our bank account. Taking care of the poor could solve many of the problems of our day unless it means getting our hands dirty.

I can get caught up in “helping” others live like Jesus instead of actually living like Jesus. In John 12, Judas gets caught up in that kind of thinking. Mary is anointing Jesus with an expensive bottle of oil. Judas proclaims, probably in his best Jesus’ imitation voice, wouldn’t it be better if that bottle was sold and the proceeds used to help the poor. It’s always easier to be self-righteous with someone else’s stuff. He missed Jesus’ point of living and loving extravagantly like God. Of giving our all and being attentive to peoples’ needs.

Loving people like Jesus can be hard. But, Bob Goff also says, “Don’t save up love like you’re going to need it later; we’re rivers, not reservoirs.” We can give it all away and still have more to give. Especially when we come together to share and receive Jesus’ extravagant love.

We’ll do that tomorrow at 9:00 or 10:30 a.m. We’ll be looking for you. And, don’t miss our Sunday afternoon gathering 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. at the Heflebower home. Rivers of love to swim in and be refilled.

Grace be with you,

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