Joseph & I: A Technicolor Lesson

Genesis 37-45

As an eternal fan of musicals, one of my long time favorites, was Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. Growing up I enjoyed it because of the fun songs, but as I started to get more mature I found even a stronger attachment to the story and I couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t till a few weeks ago as I was doing a bible study around this story. Now the bible study had less song and dance but it finally hit me why Joseph was so attractive of a story to me. His story reiterates one of my favorite lessons of Rob Bell: “God wastes nothing.”

More than once in my life I have made a decision that I look back at and say “Now is that really what God had planned?” and throughout the story of Joseph exactly that happens. Joseph makes decisions early in life that don’t necessarily match up with what God was thinking, in fact he takes credit for what God has given him. Generally gloating to your brothers that you are their father’s favorite and one day will rule all of them tends not to be the direction God was going with a gift. But instead of giving up on Joseph, and saying “You’re on your own kiddo, I tried”, God sees him through the destruction and formation of a new, holier life. God was always present whether Joseph knew where his gifts came from or not.

There I had it. God’s love and guidance is what drew me so passionately to that story. Arrogance and some early Joseph-ness have been some of my less proud qualities, and like it or not we all have qualities that aren’t the greatest qualities. However take it from Joseph and I, God loves you anyways. God loves you the way you are so that you can change and still be loved. Every step of the way whether you are in an Egyptian prison like Joseph, still enjoying the songs to a musical like me, or in your place a work like many others, God will be with you ready to help you work for a better you, that realizes your gifts of God that you have always had no matter how long it takes.

Sam Jacobs

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