Humble Doings

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Sometimes a word is worth a thousand pictures, like the word “vocation.” We use vocation as a mere synonym for “occupation, “ but originally, “vocation” came from the Bible, in the form of the Greek word ”kaleo” meaning literally, “to call by name, to summon or invite.” When we speak of our vocations, we are saying that God calls us to our place of work.

Jesus made an important theological statement when he took up the carpenter’s hammer. He was saying your job in the market place is no less sacred than my job as a pastor. In his earthly ministry, Jesus had your kind of job and he had my kind of job, and he glorified God in both of those jobs. So can we!

Martin Luther made exactly the same point when he toppled the rickety medieval notion that nuns and monks were doing holier work than homemakers and shopkeepers.

Let me leave you with this great thought from John H. Jowett:

“The Lord throws a halo over common toil. Even Christian people have not all learned the significance of the angels’ visit to the lonely shepherds. Some of us can see the light resting on a bishop’s mitre, but we cannot see the radiance on the ordinary shepherd’s staff. We can discern the hallowedness of the priest’s vocation, but we see no sanctity in the calling of the grocer, or of the scavenger in the street. But the very birth-hour of Christianity irradiated the humble doings of humble people. When the angels went to the shepherds, common work was encircled with an immortal crown.”

May God irradiate your humble doings with light from on high!                                      

See you on Sunday.

Still in one peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen

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