Jesus Wept

Jesus wept. – John 11:35 NIV

This is commonly known as the shortest verse in the Bible. The one that students want to pick to memorize. Anyone can remember that, right?

But I wonder, do we remember this verse? The Jesus we most often think of is

  • teacher – talking to the crowds
  • powerful – calming a storm
  • miraculous – walking on water
  • doctor – healing a little girl who was sick
  • suffering – carrying his cross through town and crucified
  • knowing – with the woman at the well

Jesus was strong in the face of his opponents, tender with children, counter-cultural and determined all the time. We rarely think of a teary Jesus. Yet here in the story of John 11, the story of Lazarus dying and Jesus bringing him back to life we read about Jesus weeping. Which is interesting because from the beginning of the story it’s pretty clear that Jesus knew what was going to happen before it did.

So Jesus, why did you get all weepy if you knew how the story was going to play out? Because we forget the one concept that most describes God:

Compassion – Mercy – Grace

Jesus cared about his grieving friends. And, Jesus cares about us. When bad stuff happens (it will), Jesus cries with us. When people we love die, Jesus cries with us. When natural disaster overwhelms and people lose everything, including loved ones, Jesus cries with us. Our struggles and suffering mean something to Jesus. This is how Jesus transforms our lives and the world.

Jesus’ mercy changes me, we and the world.

This is the mission/vision of GGCC. It’s how we are called into changing the world with Jesus and joining God in being blessed to be a blessing

Jesus’ compassion is perhaps the most important aspect of Jesus’ character. So, let’s all learn and keep close to our hearts and minds this shortest verse in the Bible. Jesus wept. John 11:35

We’ll be looking for you tomorrow at 9 or 10:30 as we remember and remind one another of Jesus’ mercy.


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1. Dana Andrew wrote:
Thank You For This Post.

Sun, April 6, 2014 @ 6:52 AM

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