Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We & the World! Maundy Thursday Serve & Worship

Thu, April 18, 2019

Maundy Thursday we remember Jesus' command to love and serve one another as he washed the disciples' feet and then shared the Last Supper. 

We will serve at Third Thursday at Open Door. 4:00 - 5:15 pm. 

Come hear and help make the sound of Heaven at April's Third Thursday with the children in Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives' after-school program. There will be music with Ed Edwards and friends, homemade harmonicas and even an opportunity for the children to try interpretative dance. Program starts at 4:00 pm. Those serving please arrive at 3:45 pm. If you want to carpool, contact Claudia. Carpool meets 2:45 pm on the east side of I25 and Arapahoe Rd in front of the Home Depot, south of Starbucks.  

We will gather for worship & communion in the world at Welton St. Cafe at 5:30 pm.  

Worship this evening will be gathering for a meal at 2736 Welton St, Denver for sharing, communion, prayer and fellowship.