It's a Relationship

I saw this bumper sticker as I walked past Linda’s car. It’s one of those moments that has stuck with me and made me ask myself, “how healthy is my relationship with God?” I like God’s Grace Community Church because it helps me in this relationship, while some of my past has been counter-productive both on my part and the part of the church I attended. So I’m glad to be moving forward. So what is a healthy relationship? I consulted Psychology Today and they say there are 8 keys:

1-Taking interest.

2- acceptance and respect

3- positive regard

ok, got those, so far so good.

4- Meeting basic needs – I’m working on my prayer life and trying to learn to receive God’s mercy. “I believe the greatest thing God wants to hear from us is, "I love You, Lord. Thank You for everything You've done in my life. I want to do what's right. Keep teaching me."*

5- Positive interaction, I’m glad God lets me get mad sometimes, our relationship is not always pretty, but it always ends up beautifully.

6- Solve problems. I am always amazed at the way God chooses to solve my problems.

7- Rupture and repair. Being hurt or unhappy requires me to initiate some action, like praying HARD, and sometimes my apology.

8- Reciprocity. Am I taking more than I give? “God wants to be involved in everything we do. He wants us to fellowship with Him, which means communicating with Him throughout our day just like we do with someone who's our close friend or family member.”*

Knowing God loves us, loving Him, spending time with Him, and being grateful for what He's done and is doing in our lives can help us have a real relationship with Him."*

I pray for a relationship with God constantly blossoming and growing like the spring we are experiencing. I pray for my children to have a relationship with God. I pray for everyone to enjoy the peace that comes with a relationship with God. It’s not a religion, it’s a relationship.

Terry Luce


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