It Matters

You know sometimes you go through life thinking about all the mistakes you make, all the problems you encounter, and all the things you mess up. Does it really matter? After you die, nobody is really going to remember all the things you screwed up. The people that you encounter when you were a kid don’t really play a part in your life as an adult. The people that you encounter when you are an adult are forgotten and long gone. So what is the point? You live life and then you die. Some people say "same crap, different day and then you die." What a sad saying. It does matter to one being though. Everything you do and everything you say in your whole life matters to God. God is the one that was there with you throughout your whole life. Isn’t that amazing? I see people feeling sorry for themselves and they think continuing to live will be useless and many kill themselves. I wish they could see what God sees. No matter how bad life can get, there is so much beauty and wonder in it that they miss out by shortening their life.

Why would you miss out on what life brings to you? There are many people in this world that deny that God exists. That is so foolish. They are missing out on how wonderful God is. People are kind of funny. We curse God for all the problems in our life, but when life is wonderful and great, we don’t even acknowledge or thank God. Even followers of Christ do this as well. I think God feels really sad when that happens. Actually, God could say to himself- why does it matter to me about the life of this person? Obviously, the person doesn’t care about me, God, so why should I care about him. Fortunately, God doesn’t say this. God’s love is unconditional. No matter what you do or what you say, God loves you to the max.

But what matters is how do we respond to God’s love? Do we just continue to do what we want, even though we know it is not good in our lives? Or do we try to strive for the most perfect response to this love? It is hard to say, but I know that we are works in progress. God is never through with us when it comes to molding and shaping our character. We have to give our lives to God so that he can make a beautiful sculpture out of our lives. The more we resist, the more this sculpture becomes weird looking and totally off. But sometimes it is so painful to give our lives to God. We want to be in control of our lives and we make the best decisions for ourselves. It is such a hard lesson to learn to be submissive, but it is so worth it.

Proverbs 3:6   In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

I think we can definitely use more of this in the world we live in because there are so many things that will not make your paths straight. Things in this world will most likely make your path crooked. God will make things right in your life, if God matters in your life. Believe it and Live it.

In Christ,
Stan Yee

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